My Year By Design

The journey to living by design.

Hug a Mommy!

Everyone has one and we wouldn’t be here without them; Moms! Moms do so many things that if I began to list them here, the text would stretch from here to the other side of the Internet.

How do we thank someone who granted us life? Time. Spend time with your mom. Do some of the things she wants to do. Moms love that type of present better than any trinket or card. Plus, you’ll probably find you enjoy your time together too.

No matter what, mom are there for us. However, it gets even better if we are there for her too. If we are lucky, we get to laugh with her and see her as a real person. We get to imagine her young, as young as we are. We get to marvel at how one person in this world can love us so much. I love you Mom xxxooo.


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