My Year By Design

The journey to living by design.

As promised

My photographer posted some of our wedding photos on Facebook so I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

1970416_667319946660863_19914872_n 1970556_667320559994135_976060432_n 1975276_667320319994159_972409208_n 10002937_667320046660853_1479295564_n 10151324_667319943327530_1041540745_n 10155097_667319973327527_1774800031_n 10155594_667319873327537_1042776960_n 10169294_667319856660872_1569224743_n 10173537_667320733327451_2006265152_n 10176048_667320056660852_117484130_n 1000636_667319823327542_92396895_n 1148792_667320646660793_875706147_n 1454742_667320036660854_1052511492_n 1482776_667320119994179_769202185_n 1491657_667320183327506_2112276092_n 1517409_667319926660865_1393743665_n 1601036_667319789994212_674051674_n 1604823_667319793327545_1246950137_n 1969374_667320186660839_793518028_n 1970398_667319773327547_127430161_n


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