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Travel Fatigue

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I’ve been travelling a lot lately; first to a technology conference where I was a speaker and then to a model United Nations conference where Nick and I were chaperones to nine teenagers in Toronto.

Whenever I travel, I do try to be smart about it. I drink lots of water and pack snacks like cut up veggies and fruit and almonds. I also stretch and try to walk around as much as I can. Despite my plans I think I have travel fatigue. I’m sore from sitting too much and tired from sleeping in hotel rooms. I’ve got a low-level headache and I feel generally a bit burnt out. I’ve even noticed that my skin and hair are also really dry. My body is trying to tell me it’s had enough. Instead of a well oiled machine, I feel like a rusted out car that has trouble starting…and it’s fans make noise…and there’s static on the radio…and the gas light is on.

Travelling puts a lot of stress on the body. I suppose I should say it puts different stress on my body than I’m used to. Travelling means a lot of sitting and waiting and as a teacher I do very little of both. It also means worrying about packing, scheduling, arriving on time, connecting trains and busses and as an anxious person, this puts more strain on me.

I also seem to burn more calories as I travel. No matter how many healthy snacks I pack, I still get hungry and find myself at the mercy of whatever restaurants and food booths are nearby. I almost always end up with something processed because I’m starving and there’s nothing else available.

So now I’m in recovery mode. I have a massage therapy session and a chiropractic appointment next week. I’ll also be trying to eat healthy, sleep properly and get back to my regular training schedule. It’s amazing how much our bodies love healthy routines. I can really feel the difference in myself when I’m off track. At least I know that I can get back to my By Design life this week and start feeling like myself again.


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