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Counting Calories

Should you be counting calories? By in large, I would say no. Calories are only one way of measuring food and not necessarily the healthiest way. It can fool us into thinking that ‘low calorie’ or ‘light’ foods are better, whereas they may actually be very processed and high in other unhealthy elements such as transfats and salt.

However, I am going to make one exception to not counting calories. It is OK to count calories if you are doing it to observe when you eat certain foods, instead of looking to reduce your calories overall. Let me give you an example.

I downloaded an app called Lose It! after Christmas because I just wasn’t feeling myself and I thought it must being something with my diet. I noted in the app what I was eating and when so I could see what was up. I was consuming a small amount of  calories for breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day, but then I was taking in a much large serving of calories for dinner. I didn’t want to change my choice of foods  or how many calories I was taking in. Instead, I decided that if I moved more of my calories to the beginning and middle of the day, it would improve my energy. It did.

There is nothing wrong with moving calories around in your day. People who eat smaller, more frequent meals and who eat more during the day than at night, have more even sugar levels. They don’t get hungry as quickly, giving them the chance to choose healthier foods. So there’s the only time I’m going to approve of you counting calories. Happy researching!


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