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Eat by Design

Eat by Design

I recently attended the Eat by Design seminar. This was an informative night and if you haven’t been out to it I suggest you sign up! Here are my notes from the event.20140204_200718

Dr. K started with the reality check. He predicted, “2014 will be the sickest year ever.” In the past 55 years our health has declined. For example, children are no longer living as long as their parents. Symptoms will not always predict illness so prevention is the key. We need to learn how to take care of our health before we get sick. As Dr. K stated, you want to be able to “Do the things you love as long as humanly possible.”

“Our bodies are designed to be extraordinary.”

There are incurable people; there are no incurable diseases. Your actions follow your beliefs. The Life by Design Formula is that Correct philosophy + congruent action + time = extraordinary results. What do you need to get you back to health?

Epigenetics – you choices affect what genes your body expresses. That’s why “Sitting is the new smoking.” Physical, emotional and chemical stressors affect how our genes are expressed too and this drastically affects our overall health.


The Rules for Eating by Design:

1. Eat real food first. Real food had one ingredient and no bar code. Real food fills you up more quickly.

2. Eat protein with every meal. Animal protein from healthy animals is the best source for our bodies e.g. Grass fed meat, wild fish, free range chicken. Avoid eating processed meat like baloney and sausages. Protein raises your metabolism, satisfies your appetite making it hard to overeat and it improves insulin sensitivity.

3. Eat your vegetables. All diets contain this step. Cooking them is fine because it allows our bodies to more easily absorb nutrients. Eat organic, local and seasonal.

4. Eat fat. Fat does not make you fat. Fat feeds your brain and body. Eat animal fats, avocados, fish, and seeds. Avoid transfats and seed oils.

5. Remove toxic foods – grains and legumes. There is nothing in grains that you can’t get from by design foods with less toxicity. Our bodies are not well-adapted to utilizing grains as a food source. Grains are also addictive. Grains break down into sugar as we digest them. Grains also have indigestible elements. Legumes (soy, peanuts) have many of these qualities and irritate digestion.

6. Remove toxic foods – sugar. We don’t have to be sugar-free. Our bodies are adapted for some sugar so we need to make sure we don’t overwhelm the system. Fructose is toxic at high levels. Be careful if weight loss is your goal as sugar increase body weight. However, fruit (especially berries) have antioxidants and other healthy properties.

7. Earn your carbs. If you move more, your body will want more energy from carbohydrates. Nontoxic, safe starches such as sweet potatoes, tubers and squash are best.

8. Getting the essentials – when to supplement. A supplement is used in addition to healthy practices. LBD essentials: vitamin D, omega 3 (high quality, pharmaceutical grade fish oil, probiotic.

9. What about dairy? It’s a grey area. Pasteurized milk is a processed food. Raw milk is a real food but it’s still illegal here. Try to remove milk from your diet as lactose and casein irritate digestion and pasteurized milk contains hormones and antibiotics.

10. Calories – quality versus quantity. Stop counting calories. Base every meal on proteins, add vegetables, limit your safe carbs unless you are training with intensity, add a handful of nuts or seeds, limit your fruit, and avoid cereal grains and legumes.


Take action! Write down what you’re going to do. Clean out your pantry. Make it a family affair. Tell everyone. Be prepared for the “Low Carb Flu.” Make sure you eat enough protein and fat. Celebrate! This is a journey. “Never start anything you wouldn’t consider doing for the rest of your life.” I’m in, are you?


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