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Doing Good II

So not long ago, I talked about doing good as a way to fight anxiety and depression. I’m still at it. I’ve been making a conscious effort to bring a little something good to people who seem to be having a difficult day.

The other day, I saw a woman at work who was telling someone about her bad day. I know my co-worker loves chocolate, so after work I grabbed a dark chocolate bar and put it in her mailbox. I hoped it cheered her up.

Another co-worker of mine was complaining to me one day that a parent had yelled at her and made her feel quietly badly about something that really wasn’t her fault. The next day I left an origami heart on her desk that said, “Today will be a better day.” She hung it above her desk so I think she liked it.

Last week I had to be out of the school and that meant a number of my fellow teachers had to cover my classes. When I returned, I sent them a short email tanking them for their help. I know that covering classes I part of our job but that doesn’t mean it isn’t nice to be thanked.

Three small things I did that made me feel better about my place in the world. I hope they had the same kind of positive effect on the people to whom I extended these small kindnesses.


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One thought on “Doing Good II

  1. Speaking for my self, it’s those little things that make all the difference when I have a bad day… looks like you’re also enjoying it too…

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