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Everyone Deserves a Treat

So, as I mentioned before Eat by Design is meant to be 80% or better. You do not need to be 100% compliant to be successful and healthy. I’ve been pretty honest about my slip-ups and bad food practices, but I don’t want you to think I’m the only one! I asked some of our Life by Design guides what their last naughty treat was (and how delicious it was, of course!)

Michael Gibson – Dark chocolate and I don’t mean on occasion. I mean every day, not much, just a couple of squares for 2 or 3 months. I was really busy and it was my reward…and yes it was so delicious.

It got to the point where I decided it was too much, and have been chocolate free now for 35 days!

Brent Tiesma – I like my treats so anyone says you can’t live by design with a sweet tooth isn’t really trying… What I’ve found is that as I started to Live by Design my tastes changed and now what I consider a treat is very different than what I considered a treat a couple of years ago. My tastes have evolved and as you live with less and less sugar you need and crave less and less sugar.

First dark chocolate is a main stay at our house. I’ll usually have a square or two with my morning coffee during my power hour. Every once in a while, Shoko and I will sneak out and get Marble Slab (usually after a hard & busy week)

My last treat was a Grande 2 pump caramel whole milk Latte with my free beverage at Starbucks. I do Americanos – unless it’s my free reward ; )

Jamie Richards – Grain free chocolate cake with icing. Delicious !!!

Joel Richards – Artichoke dip and corn chips. Ummmhh!

So, give it up, folks! What is your treat?


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