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Snow Days!

At the end of a break or vacation, do you ever think to yourself “I could use a day or two more”? Wish granted. Monday and Tuesday this week I woke up to this message from the school board:

Extreme cold weather closes schools today

Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014 – Due to unprecedented and dangerous wind chill temperatures this morning, all schools and facilities within the Thames Valley District School Board will be closed.
“We share parents’ concern for the safety of students and have decided to remain closed for a second day today,” said Education Director Laura Elliott.
Facilities department staff members are asked to follow the inclement weather procedure and report to their supervisor if they have any concerns.
Please monitor or your school website for the latest information.”
So I’ve been at home shoveling snow, marking and huddling with the cats for warmth. Remember, in this kind of weather, exposed skin can freeze in under two minutes. Dress warmly and keep drinking water, (dehydrated skin gets frostbite faster than well hydrated skin, plus you’ll need those fluids for shovelling!) Keep warm.

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