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Starting the New Year Off Right

No one is perfect, especially not me. I overindulged during the holidays. Didn’t we all, just a little? Don’t leave me out here alone people.

So for your amusement, my holiday food regrets countdown.

5. Carbs – the white bread smothered in butter kind. I ate this at no less than four holiday meals. Each time I indulged in this holiday evil I got a stomach ache. You think at some point I would learn that my body doesn’t enjoy bread as much as my taste buds do.

4. Nick’s birthday cake was chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing and whipped cream and we both ate a huge slice two days in a row.

3. I drank just over one litre of rum and egg nog. Blerg. It’s a little less gross when you consider that I drank this over the course of two weeks. I’m not an alcoholic. I may be a nog-aholic though.

2. I ate the equivalent of a whole box of chocolates to myself. This makes me squirmy just thinking about it. Again, this was over a two-week period, but still, wayyyyyyyy too much chocolate.

1. I tempura battered and deep-fried dill pickles for Nick’s birthday. I wish I was lying about that, I really do. It doesn’t help any that they were delicious either.

Oh, hide my shame! Nevertheless, my journey to health and joy isn’t derailed by my foray into questionable food choices over Christmas. As I heard the trainers at the gym commenting, “It doesn’t matter what you eat one day out of the year; it matters what you eat the other 364 days.” This sounds like the ramp up to my resolutions but generally I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Instead, let’s call this a return to good habits. Time to go back to healthy, whole food choices and a lot less sugar. I won’t be dieting or eliminating certain foods as I’ve found in the past this just leads to craving the forbidden food even more. Instead, moderation is going to be my mantra.

Maybe I’ll make this my own personal 30 Day Challenge. I’ll call this one the Christmas Clean Up Challenge. That means mostly meat, veggies and fruits to eat, cutting down on sugar and sticking to whole foods. It also means more water to drink, more regular sleep and more time at the gym. None of these things are new to me; I’ve just been slacking off a bit in these areas over the holidays. I think this is a great way to start my New Year. I won’t be up partying late tonight, but I will be up early for a healthy breakfast and a hike with Nick.


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