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7 Morning Mantras You’ll Love

Ok folks, it’s that time of year; I go to work and it’s still mostly dark, I leave work and the sun is already setting. I miss sunlight at this time of year so I decided to check out 7 Morning Mantras You’ll Love. Staying positive in less sunny times is critical to fighting my urge to hibernate until spring. Sometimes I think bears have all the fun.

I also bought myself a natural light alarm clock, (the photos below show the clock and what it looks like turned on). It gives off natural light and has a sunrise setting to wake me up in the morning and a sunset mode to help me get to sleep at night. It’s even bright enough to read by before bed. I’m not much for doing product endorsements but this little gadget is helping me fight the winter blues and get my beauty rest.

The longest night of the year doesn’t arrive until December 21st (two more days!) so until then, we’ll all have to get our natural light where we can and wait for our beloved sunshine to return.

20131124_195954 20131124_195928


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