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Sick of being Sick

So having this monster cold for well over a week isn’t leaving me with much to write about. I’ve been so ill that I haven’t done much of anything By Design, unless we’re going to start offering Sleep by Design. I think I’ve got that one nailed.

I still don’t have my voice back. I kind of sound like this:

combined with this:

I’ve tried every remedy I can think of and I still feel like somebody stepped on me. So far:

  • Water – I’m drinking 2 – 3 liters a day.
  • Apple juice – Several glasses a day, will it help keep the doctor away?
  • Ginger ale – Good for my upset stomach.
  • PowerAde – Good for when I feel really dehydrated, which is often.
  • Hot tea with honey – I’ve tried peppermint, sleepy time, green, and chamomile. Very soothing.
  • Hot water, lemon and honey – Also very soothing and nice tasting.
  • NeoCitran – Not great tasting but it puts me to sleep in a hurry so this is a favourite at bedtime.
  • Chicken soup – A least I can keep this down. Enough said.
  • Raw garlic – This is soused to kill bacteria. I’ve been mixing it into my soup and it’s pretty good that way.
  • Spicy foods – I’ve been putting ground chillies in my food. It makes my nose run quite a bit so hopefully that will help clear me out.
  • Popsicles – There is no proof that frozen sugar-water on a stick helps but it is delicious and it soothes my scratchy throat.
  • Gargling with warm salt water – Gross but I’m still doing it. I haven’t noticed any real changes here yet but I figure it can’t make things worse.
  • Saline Nose Rinse – It’s weird to shoot salt water up my nose but it actually does feel nice afterwards and stops my nose from running for a few hours.
  • Zinc tablets – These are supposed to cure a sore throat but I gagged so much using them that I won’t be trying this again.
  • Vitamin C tablets – I took these until they started to upset my stomach. I don’t need to add any more symptoms!
  • Cold FX – Expensive and I don’t notice any changes when taking them. Perhaps this is an overpriced placebo?
  • Fishermen’ Friends cough drops – Also gross. These are gritty so I can only eat them when I’m sitting up or I start to choke.
  • Buckley’s cough drops – Extra gross tasting and they gave me a canker sore. Blerg.
  • Ricola cough drops – Definitely the best tasting so I use them before bed to stop me from coughing.
  • Tylenol Cold and Sinus caplets – These made me really dehydrated, plus you have to take them every four hours. I won’t be using them again.
  • Vick’s VapoRub – It makes my nose run, that’s for sure. I can use it as long as I’m willing to walk around with Kleenexes jammed up my nostrils.
  • Hot baths and showers – I’m wrinkly and red and we are out of hot water.
  • Gentle exercise – Some people suggest that getting a little exercise can help our bodies fight viruses. So far, I can manage 15 minutes of gentle yoga or a short walk before I get too fatigued to continue.
  • Sleep – I know this is the number one remedy everyone recommends. I am sleeping an average of 11 hours per day/night right now. I can’t sleep any more than that. I’m so bored.

Bah! Somebody rescue me! I’m tired and tired of being sick. At least I’m writing this in bed. I think it’s time for another nap. G’night.


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