My Year By Design

The journey to living by design.

Week 3 – 30 Day Challenge Update

This was a very anxious week for me. There were lots of little reasons why my week didn’t go so well. I could blame those reasons, but the truth is I didn’t handle my stress very well and I didn’t do a great job of achieving my goals. Oh well, that’s life sometimes. We can’t be perfect. We just have to try to be better. Sometimes I have to keep repeating that to myself…a lot.

Monday – MBD – Pilates. TBD – I had a day with some student melt-downs and work stress. I had trouble dealing so I was glad to get home after work. EBD – I avoided grains but I power ate my way through a large, dark chocolate bar. Moderation? Not so much today.

Tuesday – MBD – Class at West London CrossFit. TBD – Today was really a low energy day for me. I tried to boost myself up but I just felt fatigued most of the day. EBD – I had some grains and some chocolate after dinner. Not a great choice when I was already feeling down. I went to bed still feeling blah.

Wednesday – MBD – Class at West London CrossFit. PBD – Got adjusted. TBD – I still couldn’t seem to shake my blah mood. It wasn’t as bad as yesterday, but I still felt a bit listless. I was really looking forward to my adjustment. EBD – I decided to play it safe and stay on track today. It made me feel a bit better.

Thursday – MBD – I went for a long walk downtown with a friend. We looked at all the Christmas displays on Richmond Row and picked up a few stocking stuffers along the way. TBD – Getting out with a friend really helped my mood. I felt much more cheerful after a good walk and gab session. EBD – We ate at Garlic’s (a great eat local restaurant). I had one slice of their fresh-baked bread with dinner, (don’t judge me, it was steaming when it came to the table). I also had a flourless chocolate cake for dessert – does that still count as chocolate or is that cheating?

Friday – MBD – I went for a swim. TBD – I made some time today to assess my week and figure out some of the reasons I was feeling down. I discussed these with Nick and I think it made us both feel better. EBD – I did a bit of a food cleanse today. I only drank water and I only ate veggies, fruit and lean proteins. My tummy was a lot happier afterwards.

Saturday – MBD – I did cardio at the gym. TBD – We had an early Christmas dinner with Nick’s mom (she’s a snow bird) so we had a lovely day. EBD – Exception day! I decided to forgo the chips and bread, but I did have the pastry on the beef Wellington and a slice of frozen Pavlova and a few chocolates for dessert. All told, I didn’t eat too many non-compliant foods today.

Sunday – MBD – lots and lots of yoga! TBD – I feel like my mood is back on track. EBD – I was on track here today too. Now I need to keep on track all of next week.


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