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Week 2 – 30 Day Challenge Update

This was a difficult week for me. I won’t go into detail but I received some bad news at work. I didn’t achieve my goals as successfully as last week but rather than beat myself up, I’m going to move ahead and focus on making week three even better.

Monday – MBD – class at West London CrossFit. EBD – another wonderful healthy day. I also took some extra vitamin C as I feel like I might be fighting a bit of a cold. TBD – today was a long, tiring day so at night I’m taking some time to finish a few tasks and then read, (I’ve moved on to rereading “Ender’s Game” before I see the movie version).

Tuesday – MBD – anti-stress yoga at home. EBD – because I received bad news at work today, I allowed myself to stress eat chocolate. Bad idea. Now I feel even more crummy. I need to get back to moderation right away. TBD – I had a hard time staying positive today. Luckily, I was able to go home and talk about what happened with Nick. Not a great day, but not a write-off, either. PBD – got adjusted today. My spine is so happy!

Wednesday – MBD – Pilates at home. EBD – a better day. I still have some chocolate, but a much smaller amount (and I’m still sticking to just dark chocolate.) TBD – I still felt pretty stressed today but I focussed on work and was able to get a lot accomplished.

Thursday – MBD – cardio at the gym. EBD – back to healthy eating. TBD – I still struggled to overcome the fallout from the situation at my job. I did an alright job but I am feeling quite tired. Early to bed tonight to keep myself healthy.

Friday – MBD – more anti-stress yoga at home. EBD – had sushi for dinner so today was my grain day but I skipped dessert to try to balance it out a bit. TBD – I saw my counsellor today and we had a really good session. I feel much more together now.

Saturday – MBD – a long walk in the snow. I love the early snowfalls of winter! EBD – all good today. I will be having some dark chocolate at the movies tonight, which is much better for me than butter-soaked popcorn. TBD – I had a productive day and rewarded myself with a movie night out for Nick and I. We say “Ender’s Game.”

Sunday – MBD – I shovelled and then shovelled and then shovelled snow. I’m going to need some yoga for sore backs after that! EBD – a fairly healthy day but I cheated a bit after dinner and had a rum and eggnog. Don’t just me. It was delicious.

So, all in all, not a stellar week but I am making some progress and all I can do now is move ahead and make next week even better.


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