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Thinking Past The Exhaustion

I was reading a great post called Thinking Past The Exhaustion today. In it the blogger mentions a number of reasons why exercising is difficult. I have made these excuses myself in the past so I though I’d address them here.

  1. Gym memberships are expensive. This is true! When money is tight, this is one of the last expenses we consider keeping. However, I have decided not to put a price on my health. If I can’t afford a gym membership, I can work out at home using DVDs from the library or online videos, (CrossFit posts workout of the day videos, for example). Whatever your financial situation, make working out affordable. Get some good videos for free, buy a second-hand bike and fix it up, or buy someone else’s workout gear or weights at a garage sale.  You don’t have to go to the gym to live by design.
  2. Working out at home is less motivating. Also true. If you can’t afford classes or a gym membership, play music that pumps you up or work out with friends who are also dedicated to getting in shape. Or train yourself to workout independently and your motivation will increase with time.
  3. I’m too tired to workout. I get this one. I have often felt like this, especially since my antidepressant makes me sleepy. The only real cure for this one is to fight through it. Eventually my body began to crave exercise as a way to defeat tiredness. What can I say? It really works, even if it feels sucky at first.

This blogger did mention setting a reward for herself to get in shape, in her case getting a tattoo. This is an excellent idea. You can choose a new tattoo, a trip where you’ll be in a bathing suit, or an event (wedding, class reunion, family party) where you want to look and feel your best. Part of living your best life is overcoming the roadblock you put up for yourself. Don’t let anything stop you from being your best self!


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