My Year By Design

The journey to living by design.

Week 1 – 30 Day Challege Update

MBD = Move by Design.

EBD = Eat by Design.

TBD = Think by Design.

PBD = Power by Design.

Monday – MBD –  I didn’t make it to CrossFit because of the poor driving conditions, (it took me an hour to get home from work!) but I did Pilates and free weights at home. EBD – no grains, no sweets, no chocolate, gold star. TBD – Gave myself some extra reading time in the evening. I’m reading the Ashes Trilogy by Ilsa J. Bick.

Tuesday – MBD – class at West London CrossFit. EBD – no grains, no sweets, no chocolate. I’m craving chocolate but I’m fighting the craving with green tea. TBD – I played with the kitties when I got home and spent the night bumming around the house not doing much of anything. Sometimes it is so relaxing just to do nothing much.

Wednesday – MBD – class at West London CrossFit. EBD – Another day of eating healthy without grains or sweets. TBD – I posted to my blog. PBD – got adjusted today.

Thursday – MBD – Pilates. EBD – All good today. I went to the Life by Design member appreciation dinner at Kantina. It was delicious and by design! TBD – I had a lovely evening chatting with the other practice members and Drs Jamie and Joel over a nice meal.

Friday – MBD – yoga. EBD – I had some grains and a bit of chocolate today. Nick and I went to a tapas bar for our anniversary. I don’t regret this meal or the time Nick and I took for ourselves. TBD – I posted to my blog and took off to a romantic getaway at Langdon Hall with Nick.

Saturday – MBD – yoga and a walk. EBD – Exception day! Today Nick and I had our wedding menu tasting. Three courses, nine dishes and five tasting glasses of wine. Oh, my belly was so full. As anyone who has been eating by design for a while can guess, my body was not super happy with this rich meal. I came away with a bit of a headache and a bout of indigestion. Damn you delicious, delicious food! TBD – Nick and I did have a lot of fun at our tasting. This is such a fun part of wedding planning.

Sunday – MBD – A long walk with my mom. EBD – back on track after a couple of days off. TBD – I posted this update! I also went shopping with my mom and we had a great chat. My mom lives four hours away from me so our time together is very special.



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