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The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

I’ve been getting some questions about being under Chiropractic care and how effective it is so I thought I’d make a post about my experiences. I go to the Chiropractor once a week and more if I have a migraine or I’m ill. I originally started going because of my migraines and it helped ease the pain, so I kept going even when I felt better. I’ve found it makes me calmer, allows me to sleep better and to think more clearly.

I’m attaching a couple of the scans my  Chiropractor did for me to show my improvements.

This is my scan for 2012.

This is my scan for 2012.

In 2012 you can see lots of red lines and those nasty black lines are my migraine trigger points. You can easily see I was out of balance and my body was struggling to stay balanced.

This is my scan from 2013.

This is my scan from 2013.

What a difference in 2013! More of my lines are in the green and my body is clearly more balanced. There are still some yucky red lines around my neck and head but I think that’s because I had a headache the day before my scan. Headaches (and anything else that stresses the body) causes subluxations.

I can see the improvements but more than that, I can feel the difference in my body. My advice is this: if you think Chiropractic care might help you, you should find a caring Chiropractor and try it out. If you live in Ontario, I can recommend someone to you. If you are outside of that, I can point you to someone who can help you find a Chiropractor in your area.


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