My Year By Design

The journey to living by design.

What’s Strong, Not What’s Wrong

It’s that time again! The 30 Day Challenge begins again tomorrow so I’m taking this opportunity to tidy up my habits and celebrate what I’m doing right.

30 days under chiropractic care – I go once a week and more when I have migraines or am feeling under the weather.

30 days of daily movement – I go to West London CrossFit three times a week and on the other days I do yoga, Pilates, hike, bike or swim.

30 day of >80% Eat by Design – I am getting better at this. I will explain my Eat by Design 30 day challenge below.

30 days of focussing on what’s strong, not what’s wrong – I am celebrating my successes and working with my counsellor to be stronger. I will not be calling in sick because of my anxiety and I am working smarter and taking more time for myself!

So my biggest struggle is the Eat by Design portion. I love, love, LOVE sugar (especially chocolate) and grains and although I’ve reduced my intake of both, I am using this 30 day challenge to do better. I am going to avoid processed sugar and sweets, except for dark chocolate, for the next 30 days. My exception days are Saturday November 16th, when Nick and I have our wedding dinner tasting, and Saturday December 30th, when we are having an early Christmas dinner with Nick’s mom before she heads to Florida for the winter. There is no way I am giving up my mother-in-law’s apple pie! I’ll just have a smaller piece this year. I am also going to cut grains down from two or three times a week, to once a week. I already know that these changes will make my body feel better and my skin clearer, (grains and sugar tend to give me mild acne,) so I’m excited to get started.

Are you in? How could you better your life in the next 30 days? It only takes 30 days to set a positive new habit.


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