My Year By Design

The journey to living by design.

My 5 Core Values

After choosing my ten core values, I asked a few people to choose three or four values for me to see if they lined up.

My fiance chose perseveranceprofessional growth and personal growth.
My mom chose compassion, independence, humour and family.
My close friend chose balance (home/work), well-being, adaptability and dialogue.

I’m glad to see that I matched up by choosing humour, family and balance (work/home). I also think that my choice of job security and leadership matches up with my helpers’ choices of professional growth and dialogue pretty well. That makes me feel more confident that I am living up to my core values but I want to keep going because I think I can always improve. Next I’m going to combine these lists and choose five core values that will carry me through the rest of this experiment.

Coming up next…My Conscious Philosophy.


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