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Think By Design Seminar

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I recently attended the Think by Design seminar at the Café of Life. This piece of Living by Design is one of the more difficult parts for me but it is a critical part of achieving an extraordinary life.

Dr. Jamie explained that, “How we think is the primary determination of how our life will be.” Therefore, what we achieve comes from what we think and how we think affects our physiology. This makes sense because stress affects the body, which causes subluxations and eventually illness.

Ultimately, our bodies and brains want to be healthy. As Dr. Jamie said, “The natural state of the body is health.” Our bodies want to perform their best but to do this we have to be thinking our best too. Getting checked lets us think more clearly.

To return to health we need to give the body what it needs for a sustained period of time, preferably a lifetime. As Dr. Jamie explained, “The goal of your care is to increase your body’s adaptability.” Adaptability is the optimal state for health because it means we can deal with anything that comes our way. So to clarify, most people’s bodies exist in one of three states; the body can have serious health problems (such as disease), chronic health problems (such as pain), or adaptability. We can move towards an optimal state because when we adapt better, we perform better and heal better. The bonus side effect of this is that we don’t need to decrease stress if we increase adaptability.

Dr. Jamie pointed out that, “Not everything we believe is true” and part of balancing our lives is balancing our thoughts. This made so much sense to me because harbouring unhealthy thought patterns affects our mental and physical health. At the end of the seminar, we went home with an eBook to continue our thought experiments. In my next few blogs, I will be recording my own journey through this process. I hope it will inspire you to try it for yourself.

Coming up next: Think by Design – The 5 Steps to Success.


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