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Move by Design Seminar

I attended the Move By Design seminar recently and I wanted to share my experience for anyone who hasn’t attended yet. This is a class that focuses on hands-on mobility. You will be moving, stretching and learning in this class. That being said, if you choose to attend do wear comfy clothes, don’t wear shoes. Also, you don’t have to memorize everything you hear and do because you go home with a PDF of all the activities and videos of the movements so you can continue moving by design every day.

Dr. Joel lead this class and he outlined the purpose of the seminar. Essentially, we have moved away from patterns we are designed to do. Babies are born knowing how to move in healthful ways. Over time, we lose the connection to the way our body is supposed to move through work, stress, injury, and laziness. But, it’s a misconception that we have to lose that mobility with age.

As we began to stretch, he stressed that the goal is to do as much as you can the best you can. There are lots of modifications to assist everyone, regardless of experience or injury. No one is too young, old, injured, out of shape (or too anything) to participate in mobility.

No one is too experience to do this class either. I’ve been with the gym and under chiropractic care for a number of years and I still learned new things in this class. As I moved through the exercises, I heard more cracking and popping in my body than I’d ultimately like. Parts of my body sounded like Jiffy Pop, while other parts sounded like an old pencil sharpener. Yikes, I guess I’ve been a bit lax in my gym mobility.

We moved through stretches from the top of the head, right down to our feet. Dr. Joel suggested we do all of the upper body moves at our desks to keep mobile at work. I can only imagine the looks I’ll get in the English office doing these moves. Ah well, it never stopped me before. Besides, health has to rank above what people think. Maybe some of my coworkers will want to join me! This was a great review to kick my lazy butt into better mobility at the beginning of each class. Afterwards, I feel stretched out, leaner and I slept peacefully that night. I highly recommend this seminar. You could integrate these moves into many parts of the day. I know that’s what I plan to do.


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