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Lunchbox Ready.

This is actually my lunchbox but I don't often use this one for work as it is too small!

This is actually my lunchbox but I don’t often use this one for work as it is too small! It is cute though!

I have had the pleasure of packing school lunches for myself starting from when I was an elementary school student and I’ll be packing them until the day I retire.  Now that I teach, I really have to think about how I eat at school. I rarely have more than a few minutes to shove some food in my belly and the staff room is a den of sweets and trans fat laden foods to share. The school cafeterias are claiming they are offering healthier lunches but most of it is still grain-based and junky, (sandwiches and pizza, just without French fries as a side option).

In anticipation of the new semester, I got out my grocery list and coupons and headed to the store to stock up on my lunchbox favourites. Here’s what I keep in the house to make lunches easier:

  • veggies, veggies, veggies, (salad is so easy to pack and cut up veggies make a good mid-morning snack)
  • fruit, (especially apples, berries and anything in season)
  • Crazins, (my favourite salad topping)
  • boneless, skinless chicken breast, (great to pre-cook and chop onto salads)
  • small cans of tuna (plain or lemon pepper to avoid mayo)
  • eggs, (for making hard-boiled eggs)
  • pepperettes
  • soup, (in the past I’ve bought a lot of soup but I’m going to try to make more soup this year to avoid the high sodium and preservative contents of the canned or boxed stuff)
  • celery and peanut butter
  • small cans of V8 low-sodium tomato juice
  • Greek yogurt, (I take it in small containers with a little honey on it, great for when I’m craving sweets)
  • unsalted, roasted almonds
  • spicy, roasted chick peas
  • organic dark chocolate
  • sesame snacks

I also carry my water bottle and a tea thermos from David’s Tea. This is the best thermos because it keeps my tea hot all day for those mornings when I don’t have even a moment to sit and sip.


My lunch habits have changed as I eat by design more and more. I used to eat granola bars…a lot…like one a day. But it’s so difficult to find them without massive amounts of sugar and corn syrup. I tried to look up recipes to make my own but most of them also contained corn syrup in large quantities. If anyone knows a decent recipe, post a link below. I still miss granola bars now and again.

Feel free to post your school lunch ideas below. That way we can get new ideas and avoid lunchbox letdown!


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