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So I went to visit a friend of mine not long ago. We hadn’t seen each other all summer so this was a chance to catch up and have some girl time. While I was there she and I chomped our way through a bag of M&Ms while watching TV. They were super yummy and I didn’t feel guilty at the time. Damn those brightly coloured candies; they go so perfectly with television and great conversations with one of my best friends.

The guilt set in later when I reminded myself I’m supposed to be on the 30 Day Challenge. I’m also writing this blog to set a positive example for other people. I felt I let myself down. I felt a little sad. I cursed the people who created M&Ms and made them so frickin’ delicious.

Setbacks happen. It’s part of Living by Design. We can’t be perfect and to expect this of myself is unrealistic. I can’t control what has already happened. However, I can control what I do next.

As I see it I have two options. I can say, “$%^*& it, I blew this 30 Day Challenge. Maybe I’ll try again another time.” Or I can recognize that I had a setback and my challenge is to not have any more. I can recognize that eating in front of the television is a bad habit that I want to break and that if I want chocolate, I’m better to eat a small amount of organic dark chocolate rather than half a bag of mass-produced candies. I can recommit to the challenge and Live by Design for the rest of the thirty days. Then when the next challenge comes around I can do even better than I did this time. It’s not about living perfectly; it’s about living better each day. I’m not going to punish myself for my mistakes. I’m going to learn from them. I hope you will too.


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2 thoughts on “Setbacks.

  1. Great way to think about it.
    Anything that can be eaten by the handful is dangerous 🙂

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