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Losing my reasons to whine.

I hate running…don’t I?


Frogger (For those of you who are too young to remember).

Today I ran a mile. I ran all of it. I ran the hell out of it. Does it matter that my breath sounded like a death rattle? Or that the cars zipping past made me feel like I was in a game of Frogger? Or that I was the second last person in with a time of 9:03? Nope, nope and double-nope.

In the race of me against myself, I kicked my own ass…wait, that doesn’t make sense. Well, I did it. I leaned forward, I landed the balls of my feet first and I stayed positive. My only goal was to run the whole way and I did it. Now a much deserved rest.

Soooooo sweaty...

Soooooo sweaty…

So now what am I going to whine about at the gym if I can’t complain I hate running? Well, there’s still burpees, pull-up, hand-stands, skipping, and the trainers sometimes questionable choice in music, (I’m not naming names, I’m just saying).

As we train and live by design we lose our reasons to whine because our bodies are working at optimal levels, meaning when we ask our bodies to do something we can and will be able to do it. Embrace that feeling and release your complaints. It actually feels pretty great.


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2 thoughts on “Losing my reasons to whine.

  1. Love the last paragraph

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