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Where is Your Brain When You Train?

I hope this video gives you the same belly laugh I got out of it. It did get me thinking about mindfulness while training. Like John Pinette, I often think about others things I’d like to be doing while in class. I daydream or make lists for the rest of my day or dream about my well-earned dinner.

I know other people do it too because I see them checking their cell phones and we all distract each other now and again by chatting. I’ve even caught people with day-dreamy eyes. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It’s natural for our minds to be active while our bodies works. However, I do wonder what would happen if I spent more of my time in class fully focused on my training. I have to think it would improve my form and maybe even my ability to lift more weight. Mindfulness and a meditative state are encouraged in yoga. I can’t see why it wouldn’t help with Olympic lifting. It wouldn’t be easy though because I like talking and joking with my classmates. Maybe I can try to strike a balance between the two so I can chat a bit but then become centred and mindful as I go into my lifts. I’ll let you know how it works.


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