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Nothing beats a good sit.

rest here

Since starting at West London CrossFit, I’ve had to change my views on how to work out. I always thought a workout was where you went as hard as you could for an hour, threw up a little and then cried in the car on the way home. Not so, my barbel bunnies.

The coaches have been insisting we sit, literally sit down on the floor, between work sets. This has taken some getting used to and from the sound of the coaches bellowing, “Sit your butts down! Rest!” I know I’m not the only one. I still feel awkward about it. Part of my workout is spent sitting, mostly listening to my body groan or contemplating where the coaches might bury my body if I die during the next set. What should I be doing in this time? Catching my breath? Contemplating my next set? Thinking about my form in the last set and ways I can improve it? Asking a trainer for feedback? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

There is purpose to this rest period. It allows your body to reload. As we lift heavy, we break down muscle. That muscle takes time to build itself back up. If we constantly break muscle down with no recovery time, eventually our muscles will be too weak to lift more. It also makes for safer training because we’re less likely to have to bail out of heavy sets. Also, as a sideline, it feels better. Since I’ve begun making sure I get my rest, I can lift more and I feel better about my form. Now my body demands its rest time as much as it wants workout time.

Oh and just a P.S. if you don’t need the rest between sets, you may not be working hard enough 😉


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