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I will not die on this run.

Today's WOD (workout of the day) looked a lot easier than it was.

Today’s WOD (workout of the day) looked a lot easier than it was.

As I pulled my car into the West London Crossfit parking lot for the 7am class, I noticed the 6am class was out running. I slowed my car and thought, “I could turn around right now, have a doughnut and go back to bed. No one would ever know I was here.”

Tempting, oh so tempting, but I battled that sleepy little devil off my shoulder and stuck it out. It was actually an interesting class that dealt with the proper way to run. I never realized that I was actually fighting myself every time I tried to run. I was keeping my body upright and landing mostly on my heals, making it more difficult to pick up speed. By leaning forward, landing the balls of my feet first and not twisting my upper body, my run today felt more natural. I was less out of breath by the end.

To be clear, running and I are not BFFs now. We’re not even close acquaintances. You are never going to see me in full body spandex, huffing it through the early morning streets with my ear-buds in. I have no desire to be a jogger. However, I don’t mind being a better runner.

One of the sucky parts of working out is that the stuff you don’t like doing is usually the stuff your body needs most. I don’t like running because I get winded; I get winded because I need more endurance. How do I get more endurance? By running more. *Sigh* Sometimes the workout Gods can be cruel. At least I’m sticking with it.


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