My Year By Design

The journey to living by design.

Part-Time Healthy?


I first met Doctors Jamie and Joel in their old studio on Richmond Street. My fellow long-timers will remember that small space with two adjusting tables squeezed behind the front desk. I started chiropractic treatment for my migraines but I kept going because it made me feel good.

I followed Jamie and Joel to their new studio and the beginning of the Life By Design movement. I began eating healthier and joined the first and then the second Move By Design gym. I should be the poster child for Life By Design, right? Not exactly.

I’ve been a part-time participant. I work out when I feel like it but sometimes I watch more TV than doing active stuff. I buy healthier food but I’m an emotional eater and sometimes chocolate wins out at the end of a hard day. I try to stay positive but my anxiety makes it difficult for me to maintain a positive self-image. I would classify myself as healthy but I don’t feel like I’m performing at one hundred percent. I’m finding I can’t be part-time healthy. It’s too much of a struggle between lifestyles. So I’m taking this year to do the full Life By Design program and I’m excited to see the changes it will make in my life.


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